PA TV tells youth: “all of Israel is ours” as Palestinian incitement continues

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fatah cartoonPalestinian Media Watch reported this week on the latest examples of incitement broadcast by official Palestinian Authority television. The PA TV stations have frequently broadcasted the message that the land of Israel in its entirety belongs to the Palestinians and will one day be returned to them.

In a recent broadcast of the programme Children’s Talk, a television presenter told a young boy that “we fully believe and are confident that all of this land belongs to us” and that “this information should be inside of us all the time”.

The young Palestinian boy responded: “Yes, of course”.

In a later episode of Children’s Talk, the same presenter stated that “all of the land will return to Palestine” and “it will all exist under the name of ‘the State of Palestine’”.

While PA officials readily speak to Western audiences of their determination to reach peace with Israel, a different message is presented to their domestic audience, PMW reports. The organisation states that little attempt is made to educate Palestinian society towards peace and coexistence with Israel.

Glorification of terror and violence against Jews and Israel has been extensively documented in the official Palestinian Authority-controlled media, as well as in school textbooks.

A recent cartoon posted on the website of Abbas’ Fatah Information and Culture Commission depicted an Israeli and American soldier executing Palestinian children who are blindfolded and tied up.

Flags of Israel and America are visible in the background, reminiscent of execution videos from terrorist groups such as ISIS. Such allegations are frequently promoted by the PA and Fatah in order to enforce the message that terrorists killed while attacking Israelis are innocent.

In the recent wave of terror attacks against Israelis, 22 Israelis have been killed and 252 wounded – 21 seriously. Over 90 Palestinians have been killed, of whom at least 69 were terrorists.

For more examples of Palestinian glorification of terrorism and demonisation of Jews and Israelis, click here.

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