CFI statement on Iran nuclear deal

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Iran DealCommenting on the P5+1 and Iran’s announcement of an agreement on Iran’s nuclear programme today, CFI Director Stuart Polak CBE said:

“CFI has supported the UK Government’s efforts throughout negotiations to ensure that the right deal is reached on Iran’s nuclear programme. Throughout the duration of talks we have emphasised that any permanent nuclear agreement must leave Iran’s critical nuclear assets significantly reduced and enforce severe limitations upon Iran’s ‘breakout’ capability to produce a nuclear weapon.

In July 2014, CFI published the report ‘Iran’s Nuclear Programme: Securing a Permanent and Comprehensive Nuclear Agreement’, written by six Conservative MPs, detailing the critical requirements for a satisfactory and verifiable nuclear agreement. Unfortunately, initial reports suggest today’s announced deal falls short of this, provides major concessions to the Iranian regime, and serves to legitimise Iran as a nuclear threshold status after 10 to 15 years.

The economic sanctions relief will provide a boost to terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah who depend on Iran’s support, as well as emboldening Iran to continue its destabilising campaign for dominance in the region.

CFI urges for careful oversight and close scrutiny of the deal over the coming days and weeks by MPs and the Government.”

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