Prime Minister Theresa May celebrates Israel’s 70th anniversary

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Theresa May77Prime Minister Theresa May asserted that the UK is “proud to stand side by side with Israel” as an ally and friend, in a message as the 70th anniversary of the creation of Israel is celebrated at the Royal Albert Hall tonight.

Prime Minister May said in her letter to the organisers of ‘Platinum – Celebrating Israel at 70′, that she was “delighted” to celebrate the occasion.

She wrote: “Israel should be proud of all it has achieved since its foundation – transforming itself into the modern, thriving democracy it is today. Israel is a champion of women’s and LGBT rights; a world leader in science, innovation and education; and home to flourishing creative industries”.

The Prime Minister said: “the UK Government is proud to stand side by side with Israel as an ally with mutual interests, and as a close friends with shared values. We look forward to continuing our cooperation between our two countries – from business and trade, to arts and culture”.

She concluded her letter by wishing everyone attending the event a “wonderful evening”. View the letter here.

Tonight’s event is co-hosted by the Jewish Leadership Council, UJIA, and Israel Bonds, and promises to be an evening of live music, dance and art to celebrate Israel at 70.

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