Prime Minister Theresa May reiterates support for Jewish community in meeting with communal leaders

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JLC PMPrime Minister Theresa May met a Jewish Leadership Council delegation of communal leaders on Wednesday at Downing Street, where they discussed issues including antisemitism, social care, mental health education and security.

Prime Minister May said: “I was pleased to meet community leaders today to hear directly about the issues that are most important to Jewish people in the UK”.

She asserted: “I want to take this opportunity to reaffirm my long-standing and total commitment to the security of the Jewish community and I will do everything possible to fight antisemitism and all forms of hatred and prejudice in our country”.

The Prime Minister added: “Today’s meeting was also an opportunity for me, as Prime Minister, to celebrate the incredible contribution that the Jewish community makes to our country”.

It is understood the community representatives thanked Prime Minister May for “speaking out against antisemitism” and for her “unwavering support” for Israel.

Jonathan Goldstein, JLC chair, said: “It was an honour and a privilege to lead the communal delegation to meet the Prime Minister and discuss a range of issues affecting Anglo-Jewry. Mrs May reiterated her strong support for our community and is committed to working together to address our concerns”.

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