Prime Minister Theresa May vows to stand up for Israel’s security, speaking in US

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Theresa MAY USIn a speech to the Republican Party ‘Congress of Tomorrow’ conference in Philadelphia yesterday, Prime Minister Theresa May vowed to “stand up for” the security of Israel.

Prime Minister May stated: “Whether it is the security of Israel in the Middle East or the Baltic states in Eastern Europe, we must always stand up for our friends and allies in democratic countries that find themselves in tough neighbourhoods too”.

Prime Minister May’s visit to the US is the first by a foreign leader since Donald Trump became President.

Prime Minister Theresa May has long supported Israel’s right to defend itself. In December 2016 at CFI’s Annual Business Lunch, the Prime Minister said that “it is only when you witness Israel’s vulnerability that you see the constant danger Israelis face, as I did during my visit”.

In September 2016 the Prime Minister said: “From the terrorism of Hamas and Hezbollah to the instability in the region, the dangers that confront Israel remain considerable. I am clear: Israel has the right to defend itself. We must to everything we can to ensure its citizens feel safe and secure in their own country”.

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