Prime Minister’s Passover message: “Without its Jewish community, Britain would not be Britain”

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Theresa-May-ABL-2016Prime Minister Theresa May wished Jewish communities in Britain and across the globe a “very happy and peaceful Pesach” in her Passover message on Monday.

The Prime Minister called the festival an opportunity to “give all communities” a chance to join “in thanks for the liberty and freedom that we all hold dear”. Prime Minister May maintained that freedom to practice religion “without anxiety of prejudice is one of the fundamental tenets of our society” and that she would continue to “defend your [the Jewish community’s] rights” to practise “without fear”.

She asserted: “The history of the Jewish people and the horrors of the Holocaust highlight what happens when freedom is lost and anti-Semitism is allowed to flourish”.

The message concluded by focusing on the impact of the Jewish community on British life, stating that “without its Jewish community, Britain would not be Britain”.

The Prime Minister also praised the Jewish community’s “enormous contribution to the UK” in helping to “create a successful and prosperous country”.

Click here to read the Prime Minister’s full message. Israel’s Ambassador to the UK, H.E. Mark Regev also published a message on Monday wishing the Jewish community a “very, very happy Passover”.

Ambassador Regev stated: “Pesach is the festival of freedom, and we celebrate the liberation from slavery those many, many years ago…We are proud of the freedoms that are enshrined in Israel, the civil rights, the human rights, the liberties, and we know that in Israel we stand out as a beacon of freedom to the entire region”.

He added: “So as we sit with friends and families over the holiday season, I want all of us to remember the festival of freedom, [and that] Israel is the country of freedom”.

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