Qatar joins Lebanon and Tunisia in banning Wonder Woman due to Israeli lead actress

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WonderwomanQatar is the third Arab-majority country to ban the highly successful movie Wonder Woman due to the apparent reason that its lead actress Gal Gadot is Israeli.

The film which has so far grossed more than £530 million at the box office worldwide will not be premiered in Qatar despite it already having been promoted by local cinema chains.

The theatres did not explain why the superhero film had been pulled, but two other Arab-majority countries, Lebanon and Tunisia, had previously barred the film over Ms Gadot, an Israeli actress who served two years of compulsory service in the country’s military.


Gadot has been known to publicly support the IDF having praised its actions in a Facebook post in the 2014 Gaza War and having served in the army as a combat instructor during the 2006 Lebanon War.


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