Rocket fired at Israel from IS-linked Gaza group

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rocket israelIS-linked militants based in Gaza fired a rocket at Israel on Thursday, the IDF confirmed – the latest of a number of rocket attacks in recent weeks.

Thursday’s rocket fell short of Israel and exploded inside the Gaza Strip ruled by the Islamist terror group Hamas. The attack came after a rocket fired at Israel from Gaza on Saturday night triggered air raid sirens in the Ashkelon and Ashkelon Coast regions.

Responsibility for the recent attacks have been claimed by Gaza-based Salafist group the Omar Brigades, who have expressed loyalty to the Islamic State (IS). The group claims that the recent rocket-fire at Israel is in retaliation for a Hamas crackdown on their members.

In total, six rockets have been fired from Gaza at Israel since the ceasefire ending the Operation Protective Edge conflict last summer. Although the ceasefire has largely remained intact, Israel has underlined that it will not tolerate “a dribble of rockets” by any party in Gaza.

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