Rocket launched from Gaza hits southern Israel

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Gaza rocketA rocket launched from the Gaza Strip hit an open field near Netivot in southern Israel late on Wednesday evening.

The rocket hit an unpopulated area, and no damage was reported by the IDF. Preliminary assessments found the missile to have been launched by a radical Salafist Group.

Israeli Air Force jets responded by striking two Hamas targets in northern Gaza Strip on Thursday morning. There were no casualty reports from the Israeli response strike.

Five rockets have been launched at Israel during February alone, including two launched by the Islamic State in Sinai, Egypt. Rockets were last fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip in late February, leading Israel to strike five Hamas strategic posts in the territory.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said previously that Israel would not tolerate a “drizzle” of rockets from Gaza “without a response”.

According to reports, the recent rocket attacks launched at Israel from the Gaza Strip have been a result of increasing tension between Hamas and Salafist groups in the area.

As de facto rulers of the Gaza Strip, Israel ultimately holds Hamas responsible for all rocket attacks fired at Israel from the region.

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