Shaun Bailey announced as Conservative Candidate for London Mayor 2020 

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Shaun BaileyShaun Bailey has today been confirmed as the Conservative candidate to take on Sadiq Khan in 2020’s London Mayoral Election. Shaun, a former adviser to David Cameron and a current London Assembly member, was elected with 53% of the vote after second preferences were taken into account, against Andrew Boff and Joy Morrissey.

Following the announcement, Shaun Bailey declared that “London’s best days are ahead of us”. He said: “I’m now preparing myself for 18 months of hard work. London has been really generous to me, I was born here, my family is here. I’ve always wanted to give back to London what it has given me. I want to give back to my community. For London our best days are ahead of us. The Mayor has just been talking London down”.

He has pledged a “zero tolerance” approach to crime, vowing to put 1,000 extra police officers on London’s streets if he wins the mayoralty.

Mr Bailey recently wrote exclusively for CFI about his support for Israel and the Jewish community, as CFI published articles by each of the three Conservative mayoral candidates.  In his piece, Mr Bailey reflected on a previous visit to Israel with CFI: “I had the great pleasure of visiting Israel for the first time with CFI a few years ago. I couldn’t help but be struck by its vibrancy, its energy, and its extraordinary achievements in a mere 70 years since its foundation. It’s all the more incredible when ones considers that the Jewish state has a population the same size as London’s!”

The newly announced London Mayoral nominee also pledged to fight antisemitism: “That British Jews should be experiencing antisemitism is abhorrent. Antisemitism has no place in our society, and needs to be called out for what it is – racism in its basest form. I vow to stand shoulder to shoulder with the community in our shared fight against this most pernicious of evils”.

Congratulations to Shaun on securing the nomination and CFI look forward to planning a series of Action Days with our supporters ahead of the important election.

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