Shaun Bailey pledges to protect Jewish students if elected London Mayor

By March 30 2021, 17:18 Latest News No Comments

Conservative London Mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey has condemned ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ and pledged to protect Jewish students in London during an interview with the Jewish Chronicle newspaper.

Mr Bailey underlined the importance of speaking out against the annual anti-Israel events, stating that the current Mayor of London has failed to do so.

“Right here, right now in London, we need to be saying much more about cancel culture, about Israel Apartheid Week”, he said. Mr Bailey added that “anybody who is not prepared to stand up publicly is completely wrong”.

“You have to make Jewish students safe. Why should any other students be more safe than Jewish students? In order to make that happen you have to do something about that”, he continued.

Though it is not within the Mayor’s powers to take funds away from universities, Mr Bailey said it was possible to “provide a counter-balance, a safe space for Jewish students”.

In the wide-ranging interview, Mr Bailey described himself as a “friend” of the Jewish community in London and reflected on his visit to Israel with CFI.

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