Shell awards top prize to Israeli tyre technology startup Neomatix

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neomatixAn Israeli electro-optic sensor technology for gauging tyre pressure and damage won the Shell Bright Energy Ideas Challenge, beating 218 mobility startups from all over the world focused on the subject of cars, motorisation and vehicles.

British-Dutch energy giant Royal Dutch Shell awarded Neomatix, the developer of the sensor, a €25,000 cash prize and a €100,000 loan.

Shell has also promised to help the Israeli startup to improve its product and provide it access to industry experts for the future commercialisation of its technology, which combines sensors and algorithms.

Neomatix’s sensor was selected by Shell because it allows the checking of tire pressure without having to install anything on the vehicle or disrupt work routine. The sensors and the algorithms manage the tyres automatically; the systems scan every vehicle passing through the gates at which they are installed and then they upload and analyse the results, providing users with business intelligence and insights they need for tire maintenance or to take preventative action.

For a company like Shell, which has a massive fleet of trucks that transport fuel everywhere, the sensor can help increase its fleet’s efficiency.

Shell stated on its website: “Neomatix won the competition with their concept for a smart sensor that monitors the status of tyres. Among other things, the sensor can help reduce CO2 emissions by providing an early warning when the tyre pressure is too low”.

Yoni Dolgin, sector manager specialising in mobility at the UK Israel Tech Hub, said: “Neomatix was selected together with other 13 companies to participate in the Texchange programme for Israeli startups. This programme helped Neomatix find out about Shell’s challenge and to get in contact with them”.

He added that the UK “sees Israel as a major technological partner, so at the UK Israel Tech Hub, our goal is to help English companies to get in touch with Israeli companies. Neomatix is just an example”.

The UK Israel Tech Hub was launched in 2011 by the Conservative-led Government, and is the first of its kind to promote partnerships between the UK and another country. The Tech Hub focuses its activities in sectors where the UK and Israel have complementary strengths, including digital, biomed, cleantech, and finance.

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