Sir Eric Pickles: “Calm, composed and completely and unflappable. That’s Theresa”

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Theresa May 1Reflecting on what the Jewish community can expect from Prime Minister in waiting, Rt. Hon. Theresa May MP,  CFI’s Parliamentary Chairman, Rt. Hon. Sir Eric Pickles MP said today in an article in the Jewish News: “As a politician not known for hollow platitudes, Israel can rest assured that a UK led by Theresa May will be there in its moments of need”.

He said: “Theresa saw how terrorism affects Israel during her first visit to the country in the summer of 2014 when the bodies of the three Israeli teenagers kidnapped by Hamas were found. She personally saw how deeply the sad events affected the country and was absolute in condemning the act of terror, vowing that “Britain stands with Israel”’.

Sir Eric added: “It is through her experience as Home Secretary that Theresa has such a deep understanding of the seriousness of the threat radical Islam poses to the UK, Israel and wider international community. It will not be one that she takes lightly”.

Speaking of Theresa May’s response in a COBRA meeting to the tragic murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in Woolwich by terrorists, Sir Eric said: “The Prime Minister was on his way back, but decisions needed to be taken immediately. So the home secretary took charge. She was calm, exact in her instructions and completely unflappable. Her authority was considerable and a source of reassurance to all in the room. Plans for all eventualities were put in place for David Cameron’s return. That’s Theresa”.

Click here to read Sir Eric’s article in full.

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