Sir Eric Pickles pledges to Holocaust survivors “your legacy is secure”

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Eric Pickles HMDSpecial Envoy for Post-Holocaust Issues, Rt. Hon. Sir Eric Pickles MP, emphasised that the legacy of Holocaust survivors is secure, in an article published in the Jewish News this week.

Sir Eric said: “On the occasion of Holocaust Memorial Day and on all days, we must remember the victims and honour the survivors”.

He underlined the importance of remembrance for many Holocaust survivors, writing: “For many Holocaust survivors, perhaps their greatest fear is that we should forget them. Forget what they went through, forget what the world witnessed and turned away from. This is why so many of them have dedicated their lives since the Holocaust to telling and re-telling their stories”.

The CFI Parliamentary Chairman said “Certainly, denial of the Holocaust represents a danger to its memory but lack of knowledge and understanding, perhaps born out of disinterest, is equally worrying”. He underlined that there are “countless organisations doing excellent work to plug this gap and they must be supported”.

Sir Eric wrote that the Government is “leading the way in Holocaust remembrance” by building a new National Memorial and Learning Centre to the Holocaust in Victoria Tower Gardens alongside Parliament.

He wrote: “Establishing a landmark of national significance on this site will highlight the importance and relevance of the Holocaust to the UK’s history. But it will also affirm the UK’s commitment to stand up against prejudice and hatred, inspire reflection and compassion, and encourage visitors to respect and embrace difference. It will be a lasting monument of which we can be immensely proud”.

Click here to read Sir Eric’s article in the Jewish News.

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