Syrian shell lands on Israeli Golan in 16th spillover incident of week

By June 30 2017, 17:12 Latest News No Comments

Syria shellOn Friday afternoon, a mortar shell was launched in to the northern Golan Heights from Syria; the 16th such reported incident of the week. The shell was found by the IDF close to the border and close to Quneitra in Syria.

There were no injuries or damage reported, but it marks the 16th stray projectile from Syria to hit Israeli land in the past week. On Wednesday, another shell landed in Israel from Syria while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was visiting the area.

In response to the incident on Wednesday, the IDF targeted Syrian army installations. One of the strikes was reported to have killed two Syrian soldiers.

Prime Minister Netanyahu guaranteed that Israel “will not tolerate spill over and we will respond to every incident of fire”.

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