TOMORROW: Support Zac Goldsmith to be elected Mayor of London

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Zac Goldsmith -1Tomorrow, voters in London will be faced with a crucial decision between Corbyn’s man in London, Sadiq Khan – or Zac Goldsmith, the Conservative Candidate who will build on Boris Johnson’s legacy and make London an even greater city – one that works for everyone that lives here.

Today, Prime Minister David Cameron said regarding Sadiq Khan’s history: “There is a pattern of behaviour with the Honourable Member for Tooting…He shared a platform with an extremist who called for Jews to drown in the ocean. He described it as ‘mere, flowery language'”.

Stop Sadiq Khan from getting the keys to London, and support Zac Goldsmith on election day tomorrow. Click here to sign up to join a polling day team, to make sure everyone who backs Zac Goldsmith’s Action Plan for Greater London gets out and votes.

Your help making calls, knocking on doors or delivering leaflets could be the difference between four years under Corbyn and Khan or four years working with Zac!


On Anti-Semitism:

As the anti-Semitism crisis engulfing the Labour Party continues, Zac has vowed to implement a “ruthless approach” against it and use “every tool” at his disposal to safeguard London’s Jewish community.

“London would not be London without its Jewish community and I am extremely proud of my own small share in that heritage. As Mayor, I will celebrate and protect it”.

“If I’m elected Mayor I will do everything I possibly can using every single tool at my disposal to ensure that we don’t go the way of France, that no-one ever in this great City, ever even has to question whether they have a future in this city. There’s an enormous amount the Mayor can do”.

On Security:

Zac recognises the concerns of the Jewish community on security and hate crime, pledging a “zero tolerance approach” to hate crime. He supports a strong police force, and has emphasised that any Jewish schools and synagogues requesting additional security measures would receive such help.

“I will instruct the Met to take a zero-tolerance approach to hate crime. And in Barnet, for example, which is one of several areas that has a particular problem with anti-Semitic attacks, I have committed funds for extra police. I will also maintain overall officer numbers at 32,000, put 500 extra officers on the Tube and will back the Met to increase the number of armed officers”.

On Israel:

Zac has consistently voiced his staunch support for Israel and has vowed to do everything possible to strengthen ties between Britain and Israel once elected Mayor.

“I will be an unambiguously pro-Israel mayor. I am committed to even stronger ties between London and the Middle East’s only democracy and will support a major Tel Aviv festival in our city next year”.

“[Israel] is a little shining light in an otherwise dark part of the world, and I think we should do everything we can to strengthen our relationship”.

On Boycotts:

Zac is strongly opposed to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel.

“The BDS movement in my view is often a cover for a much older campaign that has been raging over the centuries and it’s called anti-Semitism….As a London MP I’m confronted with activists from the BDS movement, and I have no doubt at its heart there’s often something quite sinister there”.

Click here to read Zac’s action plan for Greater London, and vote for Zac tomorrow!

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