West Bank attacks leave one dead, several injured

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Terror attack 12There were a number violent attacks against Israelis in the West Bank this week, particularly in and around the city of Hebron, resulting in the death of an Israeli man and injuring several.

On Tuesday, near Hebron, Palestinians pelted vehicle of a 54-year-old Israeli man named Avraham Asher Hasno, prompting him pull over and exit his car. He was struck by a passing truck and died from his injuries.

Earlier in the day, at the nearby Gush Etzion junction, a Palestinian rammed into a bus stop on Route 60, lightly wounding a 21-year-old soldier and a 20-year-old man. The assailant exited the vehicle wielding a knife, but was shot dead by the commander of the Shimshon Battalion who was on the scene.

Another soldier was lightly injured in an attempted stabbing attack near the West Bank town of Beit Awwa in the Hebron region. The attacker was shot and killed and there were riots near Beit Awwa that followed

A 15-year-old and a 17-year-old Palestinian stabbed an Israeli soldier in Hebron, in a similar incident that evening.

On Wednesday, two terrorists stabbed and seriously wounded a 19-year-old female soldier near the Adam junction, north of Jerusalem. One terrorist was killed and one apprehended.

Clashes have continued between Palestinians and Israeli security forces in the West Bank and Gaza, causing several casualties.


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